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Custom landing page

Create a custom landing page for your agency to showcase your brand and services. Expand your reach and attract more clients.

Custom domain
SEO friendly

Productized Services

Access resources and tools to optimize your workflow. Manage your services like a Kanban board, tracking active, queued, and completed tasks. Explore the efficiency of our productized services with a monthly fee.

Let your clients invite their team to submit requests and monitor progress seamlessly.



Join our platform with no monthly commitments. Earn income with every service completed, with a one-time payment for each transaction made by your clients

Manage memberships

Customizable membership management for your agency. You decide the pricing model and time period.


Connect your payment provider

Connect your payment provider to get paid faster and directly from your invoices.

With Stripe integration, get all Stripe features and fucntionalities.

You can accept payments from all major credit cards, Google pay, Apple Pay and more.

People just like you, making over $50K MRR. Start today using Makiato and grow your agency.

No clients, no fees


Only pay if you have active clients

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